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Wellcome to the official site of the web comic APOCALYPSE DAWN, and other works by The master Adam W. Gibson.

 My motto is, “If you’re looking for great artistry... You won’t find it here.”  ---Adam W. Gibson

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APOCALYPSE DAWN 4, DAWN OF THE DAMNED PT 4 is ready. I tried some new stuff with drawing this issue, don't know if I like it yet or not, kind of distorted.  It works for now.  I have orig drawing in my files anyway. Vlad finds out new info about his family, go check it out!

OCT 21 2005.

I have been working hard on the next issue of AD Dawn of the Damned PT 4, and I hope to have it up on the site by the end of the month.  In the meantime, I hope you the fans, (if I have any) will enjoy issue 3 which is up right now.  Also some of you may be wondering  why Adam W. Gibson was giving away autographed copies of his BEHIND THE DARK CURTAIN for a steal of only .99 cents! Well, he was not.  The fact is, we had a bug on the buy stuff page that kept returning to haunt us.  Okay so maybe it was just a typo, but anyway the real cost is .99 USD.  I know what your thinking "F$#k that!) but we got to make money some how.  Happy Halloween!


BEHIND THE DARK CURTAIN; Adam W. Gibson's first novel is now available  through iUniverse Inc.

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