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Who Is Adam W. Gibson?
Adam W. Gibson

Adam W. Gibson was born on a cold January night on the north side of Chicago.  Many years of living in the dark frozen north taught Adam the art of writing and comic drawing, but mostly writing, as he can't draw very well, but he can write a good story anyway.

Apocalypse Dawn

Apocalypse Dawn is Adam's free web comic he likes to draw and write in his spare time.  You can view issues of it here on this site FREE! Thats right you cheap bastard, FREE, no charge, but if you want to keep it that way, you should buy Adam W. Gibson's books so he does not have to beg on the side of Lake Shore Drive.

This site was made for the pursuit of free stuff... and other useless crap.

This entire site is FREE, even the cheap ass web hosting is FREE (as you can most likely tell.) Adam W. GIbson takes his work seriously (even if he is a cheap bastard.) but as musch as he likes to share his work FREE, he also likes money.  So don't be a rude freeloader and make a donation to the site to keep oh so FREE. Thank you.

Donations: Send your money to Adam W. Gibson, 40211 N. Liberty Street, Antioch, IL, 60002, Checks or Money order only please.

Or you can buy his book and get something for your money instead of just throwing it away.
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